XP PSP e18: Bernie Nicholls returns

February 21st, 2015

http:BernieASM.png19 season NHL veteran and 3 time all star Bernie Nicholls returns to XP PSP for episode 18. He and host Dave Cunning discuss the All Sports Market Free App (the new sports stock market app Bernie is helping develop and promote), the world of sports gambling and what sports are easiest/most difficult to fix, the LA Kings waiving Mike Richards and whether we will see him in the NHL again, Bernie's thoughts on the Slava Voynov legal situation, who the Kings should trade for prior to the NHL trade deadline to hopefully improve their chances of making the playoffs, why he engages social media more so than many older generation athletes, whether he wants to resume coaching in the NHL again, and a whole bunch more. 

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XP PSP e17: Keith Perera, Warrior Hockey Brand Manager

January 31st, 2015

Perera1.jpgWarrior Hockey's Brand Manager, Keith Perera, calls in for episode 17 to talk about Warrior's generous equipment donation to the Jeju Islanders Hockey Club in Jeju, South Korea last year, the evolution and maturing of Warrior's products, the difference between marketing to hockey and lacrosse players, the role social media plays in product sales and brand loyalty, the hockey equipment business, Warrior's presence in the NHL and other hockey leagues, what guys like Dustin Byfuglien and Ryan Smyth request from them, why the Oilers and Sabres are so bad and how to fix them, and a whole bunch more.    

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XP PSP e16: Jeff Jarrett, GFW founder/president

December 30th, 2014

Untitled.pngIn episode 16, former WWE Intercontinental Champion, WCW Heavyweight Champion, NWA Heavyweight Champion, founder of TNA Wrestling, and founder and president of Global Force Wrestling calls in to talk all things GFW, to promote NJPW's Jan 4th PPV event Wrestle Kingdom 9, and to discuss his wrestling career. 

We talked about which performers and promotions will fly under the GFW flag, which Japanese talents to watch for new NJPW viewers, GFW competing with WWE, Vince McMahon, concussions and guitar shots to the head, Jeff's Christian faith, and even dipped into the infamous No Mercy 1999, Bash at the Beach 2000, and David Arquette as WCW Heavyweight Champion incidents, and a whole bunch more.
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XP PSP s01e15: Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Candice Carr

October 9th, 2014

166601_10150402147215646_2118447_n.jpgIn episode 15, Dave and Harold discuss the legal trouble that NFL players have found themselves in this season and whether or not it's hurting the league at all, and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Candice Carr calls in to talk about her cheerleading career for arguably the world's most popular and recognized cheer squads, as well as to give her take on the lawsuits brought against NFL teams recently by the cheerleaders of the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Oakland Raiders. 

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XP PSP s01e14: San Jose Sharks’ Matt Irwin

March 26th, 2014


He may not be a household name just yet, but San Jose Sharks defenseman Matt Irwin may work his way into your mental NHL player directory yet. Now in his second NHL season, the 26 year old British Columbian is continuing a trend from his amateur career that has seen his point totals, ice-time, and contributions to his team’s success dynamically increase every year.   

Irwin spoke with me at length about his long road to the NHL and what he’ll have to do to stay there, the tough decisions he was required to make and small window of opportunity he had to live out his dream, past teammates that helped get him where he is now, current ones that help make him better, what the San Jose Sharks will have to do to win their first Stanley Cup, what it takes to be consistently inserted into a lineup full of Olympians, All-Stars, and Stanley Cup champions, and more. 

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XP PSP s01e13: Larry Fisher debriefs the NHL Trade Deadline

March 7th, 2014

LarryFisher.jpgLarry Fisher from the Kelowna Daily Courier called in for episode 13 to debrief all the action from the 2014 NHL trade deadline. We talked Martin St. Louis for Ryan Callahan, Roberto Luongo to Florida, Gaborik to LA, Ryan Miller to Buffalo, Jaroslav Halak all over the place, Vanek's path to Montreal, Edmonton's moves of Hemsky and Bryzgalov, the non-moves of Brodeur and Kesler, and we both pick our winners of the day. 

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XP PSP s01e12: Justin Bourne debriefs Sochi 2014 hockey

March 1st, 2014

Justin Bourne from The Score dropped by for episode 12 to debrief the Sochi 2014 Olympic hockey tournament with host Dave Cunning, and discuss it's implications on the NHL moving forward. We talked about Canada's route to gold, USA's fall from grace, Backstrom's Olympic suspension, how it affected Sweden's outcome and why team doctors weren't regulating his intake better, whether Canada's win justifies all the heavily critcised roster adjustments the coaching staff made, who steps into Steve Yzerman's role next Olympics, who Canada would send if the NHL chose not to participate in the 2018 Olympics, what the alternative to the Olympics as a best-on-best tournament would be, how John Tavares' Olympic injury affects the decision for the NHL to return or not, how it affects the Islanders going forward this season, how Olympic performances affect NHL players finishing their NHL season, and more. 

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XP PSP s01e06: Bernie Nicholls

February 13th, 2014

19 year NHL veteran Bernie Nicholls joined host Dave Cunning on the phone to talk all things LA Kings, their current slump and how he'd cure it, where he keeps his Stanley Cup ring, why he declines his invites to the New Jersey Devils' alumni game every year, who should be allowed to touch the Stanley Cup, and a whole bunch more. 

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XP PSP s01e11: Back In Action

January 24th, 2014

Sachin and Harold return in episode 11 and join Dave in casting their Superbowl predictions, discussing how to choose a team to cheer for if you don't have one in your hometown and whether geography or national pride should play into your decision; Harold says the CFL isn't real football and discusses why he turned down an opportunity to play in the league; Sachin plays the race card concerning the Richard Sherman issue and rips Erin Andrews; and we all decide whether we'd let our kids play hockey or football knowing how what we now do about injuries, and how prevalent the risks of concussions and other injuries now are in sports. 

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XP PSP s01e10: Toronto Maple Leafs’ Troy Bodie

January 15th, 2014

In episode 10, host Dave Cunning goes one-on-one with Toronto Maple Leafs/Marlies forward, Troy Bodie. A veteran of 4 NHL seasons, Bodie spoke at length about playing for Randy Carlyle, the HBO 24/7 series, fighting in hockey, being a bubble guy, outdoor games, Miley Cyrus tunes, and more. 

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XP PSP s01e09: 2013 Spengler Cup champ Cody Almond

January 2nd, 2014

In episode 9, host Dave Cunning goes one on one with Cody Almond of Geneve Servette of Switzerland's top pro hockey league, the NLA. GSHC won the 2013 Spengler Cup, and the former Minnesota Wild forward  spoke about how it felt to win, where the tournament lines up with other international tournaments, GSHC's upcoming outdoor Winter Classic, and a whole bunch more. 

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XP PSP s01e08: MLB Fan Cave finalist April Whitzman

November 4th, 2013

Panel: Dave Cunning, Harold Dale

Guest: April Whitzman

2013 MLB Fan Cave Dweller April Whitzman drops by to talk about her experience as Toronto's ultimate fan, her experience seeing the World Series played out, the continuing plight of the Toronto Blue Jays, and more. Harold chimes in to teach everyone how to pronounce "Z", and Zorro finds his way into the conversation somehow too.  
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XP PSP s01e07: Go Berzerk

October 18th, 2013
Panel: Dave Cunning, Harold Dale, Ryan Brown, Dan Nabben

In this episode, we discuss:

-Ilya Bryzgalov's free agent woes, and getting cut - whether to stick with it or pack it in. 
-Tim Thomas, taking a year off and expecting to pick up where he left off; who can actually do that. 
-The guy in every sport on every team that's a little off. 
-Hertl's goal, "The Code", and what it means in different sports. 
-The place of fighting in hockey and all sports. 
-Whether the opinion of former players or analysts who didn't play holds more weight than the other.
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XP PSP s01e05: The Cult of Personality

July 26th, 2013

In our fifth episode, we discuss: 

Chicago's Stanley Cup win, and winning on the road. 
Sachin loses his mind and contends that the Spurs won the NBA finals.

The Luongo/Schneider debacle, Kovalchuk's NHL retirement, Bryzgalov's buyout, and the pressure of media in a big market. 

Sachin and Harold hate on Dwight Howard. 
Evaluating whether playing hurt is heroic or insane. 
Pro players in the Olympics, and collegiate athletes making money.

Drugs in baseball. 

 And plenty more.
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XP PSP s01e04: The Black Parade

June 17th, 2013

In episode 4 of XP PSP we discuss: 

-The demise of the LA Kings and the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Conference Finals, and the Hawks/Bruins Cup Final from all angles. 
-steps to take when choosing a new playoff team to cheer for when yours has been ousted. 
 -Game fixing. 
-Superstitions of fans and athletes, and how they affect performance. 
-The NBA Final between the Spurs and Heat.
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XP PSP s01e03: Chelsea’s Dagger

June 1st, 2013

In this episode, we: 

1) catch up on the first two rounds of NHL playoff eliminations, previewing conference finals, and catching up on the NBA playoffs, and our predictions across both sports. 
2) 8th seeds running wild in the playoffs, and the legitimacy of an 8th seeds playoff threat across sports. 
3) Which sport's playoffs are the hardest to win. 
4) The audacity of people calling close, low scoring playoff games boring. 
5) cheering for players vs teams; former players becoming/succeeding as coaches (Roy, Gretzky), Tortorella benching Brad Richards, "contract years"....

....and plenty more.

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XP PSP s01e02: By Crooked Steps

May 10th, 2013

In our second episode, we discuss: 

-The NHL playoffs; the demise of the Vancouver Canucks, and how to fix them. 
 -The differences between the regular season and the playoffs. 
-The NBA playoffs; Jason Collins, and homosexuality in sports. 
-Brittany Griner, and the prospect of women playing in the NBA, and other male dominated sports. 
 -plenty more.
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XP PSP s01e01: Evenflow

May 2nd, 2013

In our premier episode, we chatted about: 

-The NHL playoffs, previewing a few of the first-round series. 
-The NFL draft, Manti T’eo, and whether owners should touch the championship trophy first or not. 
-The NBA playoffs, and whether the Miami Heat can be beaten. 
-Why the Toronto Blue Jays are still bad.
 -Whether coaches or management are to blame for a team with good players being bad. 
 -much, much more. Well, a little bit more.
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