E22: Rob Stimpson & Terry Erickson, director/co-writers of “One Rep Max” movie

July 25th, 2015


On episode 22 of the show, I chat via Skype with the co-writers and director of the new independent movie, “One Rep Max”, Rob Stimpson and Terry Erickson. “One Rep Max” was filmed in Jeju, South Korea where I and they lived for three years. Rob plays Tristan Wood, and I appear as Simon Fitzhubbins. The movie cast all local Jeju residents, and features music composed by a local Jeju musician. And if you watch the movie, you’ll even notice a nod or two to some local Jeju groups like the Jeju Islanders hockey club, Jejuventus soccer, and others. The movie is filmed mockumentary-style, and follows 4 fitness contest hopefuls while they prepare to compete in a local 1RM deadlift showdown, for completely different reasons. The movie was years in the making, and took much longer to complete than expected thanks to some technical glitches which required reshooting and recasting – but has finally surfaced to see the light of day – or the light of your computer screen via YouTube, that is.


Click here to watch "One Rep Max"

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