XP PSP e16: Jeff Jarrett, GFW founder/president

December 30th, 2014

Untitled.pngIn episode 16, former WWE Intercontinental Champion, WCW Heavyweight Champion, NWA Heavyweight Champion, founder of TNA Wrestling, and founder and president of Global Force Wrestling calls in to talk all things GFW, to promote NJPW's Jan 4th PPV event Wrestle Kingdom 9, and to discuss his wrestling career. 

We talked about which performers and promotions will fly under the GFW flag, which Japanese talents to watch for new NJPW viewers, GFW competing with WWE, Vince McMahon, concussions and guitar shots to the head, Jeff's Christian faith, and even dipped into the infamous No Mercy 1999, Bash at the Beach 2000, and David Arquette as WCW Heavyweight Champion incidents, and a whole bunch more.
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